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Our Tribe

The Tribal Mamahood is an intimate, loving, safe space for heart-centred mamas.

No matter where you are upon your journey; pre-conception, pregnancy, preparing for birth, babe in arms, with a toddler, teen or any kiddos in between, we've got you!  

This intentional and soulful community is a sanctuary where continual learning, gleaned wisdom and exchanging our parental experiences leaves you feeling truly understood and inspired. 

Here we are nurtured and celebrated, as well as thoroughly held.

Why You Belong Here

With the help of your fellow sisters you will learn how to fully trust in the raw power of your intuition & instincts when it comes to all things mothering. 

Being able to tune into your heart and soul, and more importantly, your baby's, will give you such peace of mind, ease & flow where others struggle. 

Whether you need an immediate answer to a parenting challenge or whether you just want to stay one chapter ahead of your child's developmental stage, the sisters and the collective wisdom in this nurturing and supportive online 'village' will be there for you.

The joy you will feel from tapping into the rich wisdom and beauty from connecting with mamas from all around the world, from different cultures & life experiences, will be palpable magic every day.

Even though you will be learning about life altering concepts, we always keep it fun and light—humour is definitely the best medicine to get us through all the quirky challenges of parenthood!  

As a sister in the Tribal Mamahood you'll be supported & encouraged in a respectful, non-judgemental way, so that you feel held, happy and loved at all times. This way you will learn to love and embrace the "imperfectly perfect" version of you, instead of feeling continually misunderstood, judged, or like the black sheep amongst your peers.

This inspiring space of continual learning, straight-talking honesty and fun helps you break free from those funky feelings on the difficult days of being a mama.

Not only that but your romantic relationship will blossom too. Having the loving support of the Tribal Mamhood puts less pressure on your partner to fulfil your divine feminine emotional and spiritual needs.


What You Get When You Join The Mamahood

Here's What’s Included In Your Monthly ‘Tribal Mamahood’ Membership:

  • 24-7 support from a divine feminine sisterhood of other mamas so you can grow from your shared hopes, dreams, desires, and experiences

  • Direct access to me for all your questions, fears, doubts (no more confusion, conflicting information, or feeling like you're going crazy).

  • Special interviews and videos for Tribal Mamahood members only that cultivate the confidence to follow your heart from pregnancy, to birth and through every stage of raising a conscious, heart-led and sovereign family.

  • Amazing bonus content, such as mini-courses, workshops and all my wisdom and experience shared weekly in our community so you feel ultra prepared and powerful

Hold Hands With Us

We’re super excited for you to join our sacred tribe... Just click on the button below to be part of this magical portal.

We are so much stronger together!

Joining the Tribal Mamahood is super-affordable and in my humble opinion, great value for money.  

(However, should you decide to leave you can cancel anytime.)

Don't Do This Alone, Mama

You weren’t meant to do this alone.

You were meant to have a powerful mamahood to support you, and stand for you and with you.

It’s how we have been designed.

The truth is, without support, we are all too susceptible to compromising our birthing and child-raising values and desires. Causing us and our babies unnecessary trauma.

But together, we won’t let that happen to you (or your baby).

Follow your inner voice & grant yourself permission to have the support you know you deserve.